Erasmus mobility experience - KEA University

Why Denmark?
First of all, I prefer to work in cities with cold temperatures. On the other hand, I was curious with higher education of north Europe and of course, the city and the habits of danish citizens because what I know about them is that are calm, strict but very kindly.
It is a city where the standard of living is the double of Portugal and it is difficult to rent an apartment. Copenhagen doesn't have enough space to the existing population.

Denmark also has scandinavia's best university

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Why Kea University (Copenhagen School of Design and Technology)?
This new danish public university offers international AP (Academy profession) degree programs within Multimedia Design, IT Technology, Design Technology and Computer Science. Also bachelor degree programs within Architectural Technology & Construction Management, Economics & IT, and Jewellery, Technology & Business, E-Concept Development, Design & Business, Software Development and Web Development. 
There is an bilateral agreement between the university where I teach in Portugal (IADE-U) and KEA University.

My ERASMUS mobility (October 2013):
For this activity I have defined specific strategies. I chose a partner university with a international education line of a country that I didn't know. I searched for a course where I could contribute with my academic and professional skills - Interface Design. The experience was fantastic because, I handled 35 students from 12 different countries in the same room. Various English accents, distinctive cultures during 4 days was a tremendous challenge. The students projects were related with a subject that I have professional experience outside of academic life. As a teacher, I agree that the students need balance between the theoretical issues and practical examples so, my approach was to give theory supported by examples during the morning and at the afternoon, coaching them through brainstorming techniques to confronting the students with relevant issues.

At a glance:
1. Aims:
  • Give the opportunity to spend a teaching period in a partner university in order to promote exchange of expertise and experience on pedagogical methods;
  • Create links between higher education institutions and enterprises.

2. Activities:
  • The partner universities must agree in advance with teaching programme;
  • Priority should be given to mobility activities which ensure that the visiting teacher's contributions will be an integral part of a degree programme of the host Institution;
  • Production of new teaching material to consolidate and extend links between Schools  and prepare to future co-operation projects;
  • Should be based on a short period of teaching and the essential elements are focus on: Objectives, added value and expected results. 
3. Where:
  • Both universities must belong to the participant countries.
4. Duration: 
  • The staff must teaching at least 5 hours per day in the maximum of 6 weeks;
  • To provide a meaningful contribution to the teaching programme and international academic life it is expected a minimum duration of 5 working days;
  • Short periods must be exceptional.

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ERASMUS Staff Mobility Teaching assignments by higher education institutions teaching staff and by invited staff from enterprises

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