OPEN CALLS - CREATIVE EUROPE programme 2014-2020

Creative Europe is a new programm for 2014-2010. The main goal is to join the synergies from both media and culture sector also create exchange of good practices. With a final budget of 1,462 billion euros – almost ¼ lower than the one proposed by the European Commission in the beginning – this framework will bring together the current programmes of Culture 2007-2013, MEDIA 2007-2013 and MEDIA Mundus, plus the European Capitals of Culture and the European labels for heritage. It will also provide a new financial guarantee facility to diversify and make easier the project funding.

The first calls for proposals are now open:

  • Cooperation Projects;
  • European Platform Projects;
  • European Networks;
  • Literary Translation Projects.

  • Video Games;
  • Audience Development;
  • International Coproduction Funds;
  • Training;
  • Market Access Single Action;
  • Market Access Framework Partnership;
  • Cinema Network;
  • Distribution Automatic Scheme;
  • Sales Agent;
  • Distribution Selective Scheme;
  • Film Festivals;
  • Development;
  • TV Programming.

Introduction to the Media Programme:

For more information:

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