IBM "5 in 5" 2013 - Top five innovation predictions

IBM believes that the breakthroughs in computing will amplify human abilities because as computers get smarter, they will be integrated in more devices that help us do things when we need them done.
“We try to get a sense of where the world is going because that focuses where we put our efforts,” Meyerson said. “The harder part is nailing down what you want to focus on. Unless you stick your neck out and say this is where the world is going, it’s hard to you can turn around and say you will get there first. These are seminal shifts. We want to be there, enabling them.” 
Bernie Meyerson, the vice president of innovation at IBM.

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"Imagine this: Your computer, the one you carry around in your pocket or purse, knows everything about you. With your permission, it knows about your relationships with the people, places and things in your world. It talks and listens to you. And, as your computer interacts with you and with the vast store of data about you, it learns to be an even better assistant—helping you navigate your personal and professional lives."
Steve Hamm, Communications Strategist at IBM

"Building a smarter planet"

IBM's prognostications "5 in 5" about technology:

This is a list of five innovations for the next five years that predict the ways in which people will work, live and interact.

1. The classroom will learn you
In five years, cognitive computing will help teachers through using “longitudinal data” to better understand student behavior. The sophisticated data analysis will help them to make decisions about the students which are at risk, know their roadblocks and find a way to help them.

IBM Research > Education
"Education for a smarter planet"

2. Buying local will beat online
Worldwide last year online sales topped 738.388836 billion Euros. Many physical retailers given up of their business as they fail to compete with Amazon. They need to use the immediacy of the store and the proximity to customers to create experiences that online-only retail can’t replicate.

3. Doctors will use your DNA to keep you well
In five years, doctors will routinely use our DNA to keep us well (IBM believes and so do I). Nowadays, a DNA testing to help make treatment decisions is still rare. Global cancer rates are expected to jump by 75% by 2030 and IBM wants computers help doctors in understanding how a tumor affects a patient down to their DNA.

IBM Research > Health
"Goodbye athlete’s foot: IBM researchers craft nanomedicine to kill fungi where other meds fail"

4. A digital guardian will protect you online
We have multiple passwords, identifications and devices than ever before and the security across them is highly fragmented. In five years, IBM envisions a digital guardian that will become trained to focus on the people and items it’s entrusted with. This smart guardian with a 360 degrees of data about someone, will sort through contextual, situational and historical data to verify a person’s identity on different devices. 

IBM Research > Cognitive computing
"Cognitive computing"

5. The city will help you live in it
IBM predicts that cities will digest citizens information freely provided by place resources where they are needed. By 2030, the urban humanity from developed world will grow up 80% and by 2050, seven out of every 10 people will be a city dweller. The only way cities can manage this situation is to have automation, where smarter cities can understand in real-time how billions of events occur as computers learn to understand what people need, what they like, what they do and how they move.

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