My Ph.D. is ending!

It has been quite a long time since I am outside of the blog.
But, my Ph.D. is ending!

During the two last months, my effort was insane. 

At the end of may, I presented a poster at 1st Joint Conference and Exhibition – Fostering Science & Innovation Ecosystems: Portugal-USA Partnerships that headed in Palácio Foz – Lisbon. The title, "Applying a HSI model to create adaptable m-Health interfaces based on users behavior". 
What an important opportunity. I had the idea how all Portugal-USA programs worked, as well, contacted with Ph.D. students and start-ups created in Portugal with international overview. The stakeholders were students integrated in one of the three programs (UT Austin Portugal Program; CMU Portugal Program; MIT Portugal Program). 


This poster presents an overview of the Ph.D research focus on the methodology created to support all the work – “Human-Social Interaction for e-health Interfaces” [1]. The main objective is to reduce the step's number of the Iterative Design Process using the three different path of the experience.

              Cláudia Pernencar and Teresa Romão (Ph.D, Co-Supervisor)

At the beginning of June, I conducted usability tests with IBD patients in Lisbon and Oporto. This work was possible because APDI (http://www.apdi.org.pt.) helped giving me the opportunity to contact directly with associated patients. Thanks to João Machado and Amélia Santos for the support!

In June, 1st I flew to Madeira island to participate in Ut Austin/M-iti Workshop  http://www.m-iti.org/node/2820. It was another good opportunity to presented my Ph.D. work to the research community. It was a 20' presentation with four years of my research:  (1) The motivation; (2) The problematic; (3) The challenges and concerns; (4) Scientific publications. The feedback from a researcher of IC² Institute was quite peculiar and an interesting tip for when I finish the Ph.D. We also have the chance to contact with M-iti (Madeira Interactive Institute) labs, researchers and their projects. I was very surprised with what I saw. A huge researcher center! To finish, an informal cocktail with dinner included. It was an excellent socializing between Ph.D students (Lisbon and Oporto), senior researchers (UT Austin), coordinators, (FE.UP, FCT.UNL and M-iti) and directors (Ut Austin and M-iti).

One my Ph.D. colleague who is from Madeira was also a participant in the workshop. With Ana's support, it was easier for the group visited the island. Thanks Ana for sharing beautiful views. 

To finished, on June 26 I presented in Summer Doctoral Consortium - SDC 2015 (Campus de Vairão da UP, in Vila do Conde) a simulation of my defense. The opportunity comes from CECL, where I am researcher assistant since April 2015. The members of jury panel: My supervisor Prof.ª Graça Simões (FCSH/UNL); Prof.º Sérgio Tenreiro Magalhaes (Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Braga); Prof.ª Maria Fernanda Martins (FLUP). 

Now, it is time to end with gold key. 
Apply my Ph.D project to "Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2015" http://www.challenge.fraunhofer.pt/en/the_challenge.html

              Screenshot of PDF presentation available online 

Wish me luck!

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