No limits for Natural Gestures with FIN

NUI (Natural User Interfaces)
This gesture control object will revolutionise the interaction through natural gestures.  FIN is a small hardware that users can use as a ring. It is composed by sensors that recognise each segment of the fingers (phalanges): It has bluetooth connectivity that can be used to connect the FIN to other devices like smartphones, TV's or other similar devices wearable. 

(Image source: FIN)

You can assign each activities and act like "Hot Keys". Each of your fingers are connected to the devices segments. e.g.: Just tap using the thumb on the segment of the finger to make your phone silent - Mode ON / OFF - while the phone is in your pocket. FIN tiny wearable device wear the thumb of your hand and it will make your whole palm, fingers and numeric keypad a gesture space.

Image source: Indiegogo

Image source: Indiegogo


This is a prototype but the initial initiative of a public funding for the project, was a overwhelming success that managed to raise over $200,000 USD from over 2000 people to develop this invention. "FIN is one of the TOP 15 Startups in the world in TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield 2014 during CES2014 at Las Vegas." 

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